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Steppers Prep For The New Season


Along with other sports, the Sandie Steppers begin their heartfelt goodbyes to memories such as their record-breaking State competition and trip to Disneyland. As this dance season ends, the preparation for the new one begins, which means the start of tryouts. 

The Stepper coach, Kaylee Morrison, has a meeting and several clinics scheduled to help make the tryout process a little bit easier. The mandatory tryout meeting took place on March 21, and applications were due two days later on March 23. The clinics begin on April 3 and go through the 5. Tryouts will begin on April 6.

“It’s always sad to lose great seniors but it’s exciting to grow the program,”  Morrison said. “I’m confident we will grow in numbers this year.” 

Becoming a Stepper requires a lot of time, responsibility and determination. Morrison looks for outstanding boys and girls who have the potential to represent the team and school well.

“First and foremost, dedication and hard work are what I look for when I form my team,” Morrison said. “ It doesn’t matter if you have a dance background or not. We can develop you, and your new teammates will want you to be successful. Beyond mindset, it’s always a plus to have athletic ability and rhythmic awareness.”

 Varsity and JV Steppers attended the West Texas Dance Team Classic competition where both teams broke records by receiving the highest scores in stepper history.  Varsity was awarded second place and received a total of 867 points, and JV (Junior Varsity) received second runner-up and earned a total of 850 points. 

“Not only did steppers walk away as one of the top teams dance-wise, but it was also great to know we represent well in our conduct too,” Morrison said. “I was approached by many coaches and other teams’ parents complimenting not just the stepper’s performances but their behavior at the competition.” 

Morrison feels proud of the team for the wonderful performance they put on. Pride accurately describes how Morrison feels about coaching such an amazing group of dancers.

“I feel extremely proud of my dancers,” Morrison said. “We have made it clear that this generation of steppers take competition very seriously and are shifting the program to the next level with our performances.”

After placing so well and securing so many points, the teams got awarded a trip to Disney World. Their trip began on Feb. 16 – Feb.19.  It gave the teams the opportunity to come together and celebrate their success, leading to the growth of a stronger bond between the athletes.

“We got to do this amazing workshop and we were taught by a fantastic choreographer,” Senior Regina Fox said. “Being together in the Disney parks really brought Varsity closer to JV and our coach.” 

All in all, the Steppers have had an incredibly successful season and show optimism for the ones to come. They would not have succeeded this far without the incredible coaching skills of Morrison and the sheer determination of each and every athlete.

“I mean this when I say it, I have amazing humans on my team,” Morrison said. “They want each other to do well and celebrate when they see great things happening for other teams. They understand there is plenty of sunshine to go around. I have a team that works hard, supports each other, and loves their dance neighbors too! I am one blessed coach.” 

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