Sandie Choir Sweeps at UIL Solo and Ensemble


Audrey Boissonneault, Writier

Choir solo and ensemble competitions resulted in Sandies stacking a pile of medals on Feb. 25 at Canyon High School.

Students had the choice of performing songs in a solo or an ensemble, which consists of multiple people. In total, the competition had 32 students achieve a superior rating on Class 1 difficulty music, which holds the place as the highest achievement. There were 47 solo medals and 33 ensemble medals handed out after the event. The process of solo ensemble, as described by junior 1A scorer Ryken Tucker, was cut and dry.

“The experience usually consists of getting there earlier than when your audition time is, finding your teacher or people you know, practicing if needed,” Tucker said. “Then you go to your audition room and usually your piano accompanist is already in there, you give your sheet music to the judge, sing, then leave, waiting for scoring to be done later.”

The event snuck up on a few of the choir students as explained by junior Elanna Weber, who also scored a 1A on her vocal solo performance. Time was hard to find before this event.

“I’d definitely try to manage my time better,” Webber said. “Vocal UIL especially snuck up on me. By the time I had room to breathe after TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association), I only had a week to memorize my piece. To save on stress, I’ll try my best to start learning my piece earlier.”

Compared to the past 25 years, this year produced the highest medal count recorded. These results demonstrate a combination of the overall confidence levels shown in their performances, as stated by sophomore Hannah Berry who achieved a 1A award as well.

“I thought I would do really well as I’ve been preparing for a month or two at that point, so I was very confident that I was going to do well,” Berry said.

Those who achieved a superior rating and are certified for state will go on to perform in Austin, Texas, on Memorial Day.