Sandies Sing the Seventies

Choir presents annual Sandie Revue performances


Lauren Girty, Writer

Sandie Choir students have been preparing since Dec. 2019 to put on this year’s Sandie Revue: Sandies Sing the Seventies. Sandie Revue is an annual event for the choir program that includes full choir musical numbers, solo and small group numbers, as well as skits and dancing. 

“My favorite part of Sandie Revue is how close our choir becomes throughout the process!” senior Abigail Martin said. “When we work together on this show I feel like we really get to know each other better.”

Martin, a member of New Sound and Bel Canto, goes on to say that everyone who attends should look forward to having an all around good time and to see the talent pool that the Sandie choirs showcase.

A lot of work goes into Sandie Revue because each choir has to learn an entire song and dance in just a little over a month,” junior Austen Jones said.

Jones, a first year member of Bel Canto, continues to say that the choirs practice every day in their allotted class period as well as sectionals on Mondays and before and after school rehearsals to make sure that, when showtime comes, it goes as smoothly as it can.

Sandie Revue will run through Jan. 30th through Feb. 1st with 7:30pm performances on Jan. 30 and 31 as well as a 2:30 matinee on Feb. 1. Sandies Sing the Seventies will also have two school performances, one Thursday the 30th at 9am for local elementary and middle school students as well as Jan. 31 for the AHS student body. 

Tickets for the Friday student body performance can be purchased in the front office, where football tickets are sold, for $5. Public performance tickets are available for purchase online at or at the door, $10 for adults, and $5 for students ages K-12.