After a tragic accident, Quinten Wilson is showing the world he can overcome the circumstances

Lauren Girty, writer

Sophomore Quinten Wilson started his break from in-school instruction just like every other AHS student, figuring out online school, sleeping later, and spending more time on the things we usually don’t have time for during a regular school week.

 On April 3rd, one of his hobbies, which includes various complicated flips and tricks on the trampoline left him with a broken neck and two dislodged vertebrae and temporary paralysis. After two surgeries and the beginning steps of the physical therapy process, Quinten’s condition is slowly improving and inspiring others along the way.

“ Quinten is doing pretty good right now. He is getting stronger everyday and his endurance is starting to grow.” Quinten’s father Don Wilson said.

Don continues to say that Quinten is experiencing many muscle spasms, which is a good sign that his nerves and muscles are slowly attempting to regain feeling and functionality. His condition is continuing to improve after his recent surgeries to repair the spinal injuries, and is currently under-going extensive physical therapy in Colorado.

“After the three month rehab, Quinten will then come back home and continue to rehab from home. We have asked a lot of questions on whether he will walk again, what are good signs and what they are thinking and all they will say is it will be at least a year before they can gauge what  [functions and feeling] he will have back” Don Wilson said.

Because cases similar to Quinten’s vary largely during the recovery process, doctors and nurses can’t predict much about how this will affect Quinten in the future, but his family is holding out hope that despite the long recovery process he will be able to regain a normal life.

“Our entire family is hanging in there praying and believing that he will walk and get his strength back” Don Said, “This is the toughest thing that any of us have ever had to face.

Due to recent COVID-19 precautions and social distancing policies the family cannot visit Quinten and his mother who is the only one with him during his rehab and physical therapy. Don continues to say that Quinten and his siblings are very close with each other as well as their parents so the 3-month separation will be hard, but the support from friends and the community has helped them regain strength and hope.

“We have had several fundraisers on his facebook page .” Don says, “The AHS wrestling booster club [has also] set up a Meal Plan that people can donate to.” 

Throughout the QuintenStrong facebook page people are raising money for Quinten and his family by selling T-shirts, medical masks, sports jerseys, and Meal Train has allowed people to help with funds and feeding the family while still keeping safe due the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

For more information, updates and upcoming fundraisers to help Quinten and his family, his facebook page can be found by the name: QuintenStrong. 

“He is a very strong and strong willed young man and we are super proud of him” said Wilson.

A GoFundMe page is set up to help with expenses that insurance will not cover.