Pre-Area Choir

22 Choir Students Will Continue To Final Round Of Auditions Over Christmas Break


Lauren Girty, Editor

After another round of virtual auditions, running from November 28th through December 3rd, 22 choir students will continue to the final round of auditions for the 2020-2021 All-State Choir process.

Exactly like the last round of auditions, students received the cuts beforehand, had a week to record their cuts as many times as they wanted, and submitted it through the virtual audition program.

“I prefer virtual auditions for the actual audition part, but actually going to a school and hanging out with everyone helps to pass the time and make the process less intimidating,” senior Austen Jones said.

A big contributing factor to the level of intimidation within auditions is the music. The first round of music, usually all in English,  showcases easier rhythms and notes, while the final round of auditions rarely showcases an English song with simple rhythms and notes.

“All of the state music is in a different language, so I really want to work on the actual language of what I am singing. Knowing the words and pronunciation and understanding what I am singing about,” Jones said.

Jones, a four year member of choir, has never made it this far in the All-State process before, but remains optimistic that whatever the next round of auditions brings, she will always remember her final year of going through the process.

“ I didn’t think I would make it this far, so it came as a surprise,” Jones says. “ But I am thankful that I was finally able to make it this far in the process for my senior year, despite all the changes this year.”

The final round of auditions will again take place virtually, running from January 2nd through the 6th. The students who make it past this level will become a part of one of three All-State Choirs and in some way perform with the other All-State choir members early next year.

The following students received a chair placement in the 2020 Pre-Area Choir: