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The Sandstorm


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Cheers To Teachers

How We Are Thanking Our Teachers During These Times

COVID-19 has had a big impact on teachers and students. This year Amarillo High has decided to do an electronic version of teacher nominations to help thank teachers and boost teacher moral. 

“The more that students are thinking that a teacher went out of their way to do something helpful, and students recognize it, that can be really helpful for teachers to have positive feedback about their teaching methods because they could be discouraged but kind of looking at it as a positive,” Student Council sponsor, Stephanie Trevathan said. 

Teachers and administrators have worked to make sure that students are still learning, even though it might look a little different for every teacher.  Teachers are now having to balance in class instruction with out of class virtual students. 

“Adapting to this year, I’ve done switching everything to digital,” English teacher Alyssa Wilkins said. “Most things have been digital but I’ve tried to put more of an effort into recording lessons so my kids that are not at school can get caught up. But even once the pandemic is over I might continue just so all of my students are on the same page.”

Learners and educators have been overwhelmed and stressed by the new year. Students can give their teachers a boost of confidence and cheer by nominating them. 

 “Students have to find a poster around the school and scan the QR code with your phone,” sophomore, Emma Stonecipher said. 

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