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Senior Gains Following with Photographs


Looking down on the field during a football game most will see a photographer towering over everyone. Senior Cade Hornerker, a young aspiring photographer and basketball player, started an Instagram page for his photography and currently over 1,000 followers and photos recognized on area sites. 

“I thought getting over 1,000 was awesome but definitely nothing crazy but it’s still cool,” Hornecker said. “The goal is always to have millions but at the moment that’s not achievable for me right now but something like that is possible.”

Cade signed with the University of Southern Illinois on Wednesday, Nov. 10 but also has other plans for his future. 

“I am going to play basketball at Southern Illinois and then definitely want to do some photography,” Hornecker says. “Preferably I want to be a youth pastor but that’s not something that I can do through southern Illinois.” 

Although some might see him work on his studies and basketball, he enjoys getting the best photos on the sidelines at games although he admits that photography is harder that it seems at first.  

“It’s difficult to get into it,” Hornecker said. “You don’t really know your style, what to take pictures of, you don’t always have the right stuff that you need. So definitely getting into it is hard,”

Being a new up-and-coming photographer, Hornecker has learned that taking photos of everything is a real job he wants to do and inspires others to do the same. 

“Take pictures of everything,” Hornecker said. “That’s what I do. Sometimes you get good ones and sometimes you don’t,”

At every sporting event, you might see Hornecker taking photos of the action but also taking photos of the supporters. He posts photos or sneak peeks of each game on his Instagram. 

“For the most part, people really like what I do. Everyone loves getting their photo taken.” Hornecker said. 

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