Auditions for Clue fall production


Hannah Morrison, Assistant Editor

Auditions will be held in the auditorium 

After last year’s show the theatre department decided on the next show, CLUE. The production consists of the characters having to discover who the murderer among them is. They will supply monologues on Tuesday for anyone that doesn’t already have one. Cold reads are on September 1st.
Students must prepare a short one-minute comedic monologue for auditions, first auditions will be conducted on August 31st.

“AHS has a great track record of performing comedies, and this will be a great chance to step out of the COVID shadow performers students have been living under for the past year,”  Director,  Michael Newman said. 

Students and directors are excited about getting back into the swing of performing in front of a live audience, and excited to see what talent there is this year. 

“The students I have talked to are excited to get to work and bring this production to life! So I think they can handle anything they put their minds to,” director, Alexandra Easterling said. 

Directors and others have shown many concerns about this year’s show with all the technological challenges that may appear, and may not have enough performances to showcase the students and their hard work. 

“There are some technical challenges we are looking at right now, but every production has its own unique challenges, and I am certain that we will overcome those challenges,” Newman said. 

The first show of fall will premiere on October 29th-31st tickets will be sold at the door.