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Theater Department Takes Stage for Variety Show

Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

Theater department takes stage for a variety show performing their individual talents on May 11 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Spring Show, chosen and directed by the nine seniors within the theater department, is a variety show consisting of 23 acts such as monologues, skits, videos, solos and duets. The show includes input from the theater teacher, Alexandra Obehnahus, and each act has a time limit of five minutes. Two announcers, Kylia Lambert and Maggie Hall, will introduce each act separately.

“The admission price is not set yet, but the cost should be around five dollars,” Senior Aiden Hendrick said.

Although not all details are worked out, the department understands their want to show off every actor equally. They decided on a Variety show to have every individual’s input to the show.

“Usually, we’ve done a spring play directed by the Drama Club president and vice president,” Senior Zoey Cain said. “This year we decided it would be best to do a senior-led variety show, that way everyone would have the chance to have some control over the show and it wouldn’t take as much time or resources.”

Each year, the choir presents the annual Sandie Revue. This event consists of famous dances and songs throughout the decades, with each choir group performing their own act.

“I’m worried people would see this as Sandie Revue, which is a variety show, but in this case, we have a broader variety of acts,” Senior Kylia Lambert said. “We get to contribute more of our individual creativities and talents with monologues, videos and scenes that get to showcase the hard work people have put in to grow as an actor and performer.”

A variety show gives students outside of the department or students who are usually technicians to show their skills on stage.

“The benefit of doing a variety show is that everyone gets a chance to contribute something on stage, not just the regular actors,” Senior Evan Banner said.

Compared to ordinary plays, variety shows tend to lean on the messier side but allow individuals to showcase their talents by performing solos, duets and skits.

“To anyone coming to the show: understand that this production has been born out of love and a desire to entertain an audience,” Cain said. “It may not be technically perfect, but it will be a fun and humorous experience unlike anything AHS Theatre has done.”

The theater department shows pride in the effort each individual puts toward their acts to make sure the audience remains engaged.

“It would be hard to find a moment in our show not to be excited for,” Cain said.

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